Sunday, 29th January 2017
The GoldenCoastline crew hosted a 3 VS 3 all styles battle at the old museum building on Gregory Terrace in Brisbane.
Before the battles started, GoldenCoastline crew member Jazi spoke about his dearest friend Johann Ofner who passed away January 23rd.
Members of the GoldenCoastline crew represented Johann’s legacy by sporting apparel from his brand, Art of Motion Pursuit of Movement [AMPM].





The Australian Stunt Academy is hosting a Fundraising Open Day on Saturday 8th February 12pm-4pm at the Stunt Park 7027 Southport Nerang Road, Nerang, Queensland, Australia 4212
with proceeds donated to Johann’s beautiful young daughter & family.
If you would like to make a donation to his family and support them during this difficult time, you can do so using this link.


20+ crews were registered and ready to battle in the prelims. Battling one crew vs one crew, the top 16 crews were chosen.


They were:


The Token Swagman
Team Cream (Pinoy Boyz)
Yeastie Girls
Lizzie, Sheru & Che
Pink Bitz
Dream Crew aka Last Minute
Revenge of The Chocolate Sith
Ling Lings
Return Of The Chocolate Jedi
Glitch, Jaden & Denzel
Team Cream Elite
Creatives with Attitude


At the halfway point: Special performance from the SJJ Creative dancers which was choreographed by Sarah Jane Jones. 




The crews battling, giving it their all, enjoying the music and their love of dance. The crews battled it out and the results are below.
Top 16


Battle: The Token Swagman VS FreakNeazy
Winner: The Token Swagman


Battle: Cruise line VS Team Cream (Pinoy Boyz)
Winner: Cruise line


Battle: Yeastie Girls VS Lizzie, Sheru & Che
Winner: Lizzie, Sheru & Che


Battle: Pink Bitz VS Dream Crew aka Last Minute
Winner: Pink Bitz


Battle: Revenge of The Chocolate Jedi VS Ling Lings
Winner: Ling Lings


Battle: BRG VS Return Of The Chocolate Sith
Winner: Return Of The Chocolate Sith


Battle: Glitch, Jaden & Denzel VS Brisvegas
Winner: Glitch, Jaden & Denzel


Battle: Team Cream Elite VS Creatives with Attitude
Winner: Creatives with Attitude


Top 8


Battle: The Token Swagman VS Cruise line
Winner: The Token Swagman


Battle: Lizzie, Sheru & Che VS Pink Bitz
Winner: Lizzie, Sheru & Che


Battle: Ling Lings VS Return Of The Chocolate Sith
Winner: Ling Lings


Battle: Glitch, Jaden & Denzel VS Creatives with Attitude
Winner: Creatives with Attitude
Top 4


Battle: The Token Swagman VS Lizzie, Sheru & Che
Winner: The Token Swagman


Battle: Ling Lings VS Creatives with attitude
Winner: Creatives with Attitude
The Finale
The Token Swagman VS Creatives with Attitude


The Token Swagman crew:
AB, Sam & Mykey


Creatives with Attitude crew:
Annabel, Bboy Pollo & Slowth


Creatives with Attitude took the win with a trio of incredible sets.


Keep an eye out for young Annabel. She is definitely a star in the making. Pollo always keeping the battles alive with his interesting battle comebacks and combos. His bboy power moves always get the crowd asking for more. Slowth’s creativity and individuality in his dance style is mind blowing and enjoyable to watch.


Congratulations on the win guys, well deserved.


…A last minute surprise battle…
The winners VS the JUDGES:
Josh Arslan, J Walk & Shutdown.

Photos by Alex Vincent / Mitch Lally:































































Overall, it was an extremely well organised and coordinated event and the venue was great. It felt like we were at a party or a high school disco – it didn’t feel like a dance studio. As usual, there was a hyped vibe throughout the entire night. Great fun.


Before the event: Jaymen Drahm wears the iron ninja suit and dances in styles popping, locking and robot under the name Avenger Time. His mission is to help and save lives through dance. You can hire him for children parties, dance events and workshops. To reach Jaymen, call him on 0481 197 808 or email



Thank you GoldenCoastline and most of all thank you Clarence for hosting such a fun and enjoyable Big Bang Battle!


Follow them for details on future events:


Hope to see you at the next event!
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